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LED Clear Umbrella

LED Clear Umbrella
  • LED Clear Umbrella
Product name : LED Clear Umbrella
Product No. : LT-035
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Product Description
*Product: LED Light Clear Umbrella
*Voltage: DC5V/DC12V
*Color: Full Color, Can be Customized by Customer According to Demands
*Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL or Special Customized According to Your Demands

Usage: For Stage Performance, LED Umbrella Show, LED Umbrella Dance, Creative Umbrella Dance, Luminous Umbrella Dance Show

Product Picture

Product Info
1. This umbrella not only can be used for common umbrella when small rain, but also a more functional umbrella.
2. Inside with a small waterproof gadget, there also a LED lamp on the bottom of handle
3. The umbrella handle are made of high quality raw material
4. The umbrella handle button for changing umbrella's lighting
5. Battery: Screw the handle, put into 3 pieces AAA Battery

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