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LED Luminous Fiber Optic

LED Luminous Fiber Optic
  • LED Luminous Fiber Optic
Product name : LED Luminous Fiber Optic
Product No. : LT-004
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Product Description
*Product: LED Luminous Fiber Optic
*Color: Full Color, Can be Customized by Customer According to Demands

Usage: For Stage Performance, LED Performance

Matchy Accessories
*Battery Option 1: 6000mAh  Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery
*Battery Option 2: 10000mAh Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery

*Controller Option 1: RF Remote Controller
*Controller Option 2: SD Card Synchronous Controller
*Controller Option 3: 2.4G Wireless DMX512 Programable Synchronous Controller

Product Picture

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